Logan Paul Landed Just 28 Punches But Managed To Make It All Eight Rounds With Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul met in Miami on Sunday night in a hilarious looking boxing matchup, as the 6’2, 189.5-pound Paul towered over the 5’8, 155-pound Mayweather in an exhibition event with no judges and no actual winner because, well, who needs that. As Floyd said in the locker room prior to the fight, he’s retired from boxing but not retired from making money, and that certainly was a hint at what was to come.

Earlier in the night, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson made his boxing debut in a four-round exhibition with ex-MMA fighter against Brian Maxwell and got knocked down in the final round but managed to avoid a KO in a fairly impressive showing. However, the issue for Johnson was the lack of conditioning for a boxing fight, as four three-minute rounds is an awful lot longer than you think when you’re in the ring moving, punching, and getting hit by an opponent. He seemed to get gassed by the fourth, which was a preview of how the amateur in the main event would fare as well.

The two men entered the ring with plenty of fanfare as expected, with Paul wearing a chain with a mint holographic Charizard Pokemon card around his neck and Mayweather having Moneybagg Yo rapping alongside him for his entrance.

Much like how Mayweather approached the Conor McGregor fight years ago, he let Paul dictate the action in the first and second rounds, with Paul trying his best to land a haymaker but Mayweather covered up and almost none of Paul’s shots made their way through.

However, by the third round, Mayweather decided to give the people a reminder that he was in control, landing some shots and not letting anything of consequence land on him.

Paul’s best punch came in the fourth round and seemed to awake Mayweather further, as he tagged Paul repeatedly over the next few rounds.

By the end of the sixth round, Paul was completely gassed and Mayweather was peppering him with punches, with the only question being if Floyd would put down his opponent or just be content to skip around for the final two rounds, landing pretty much whenever he wanted. Paul wasn’t landing anything and spent a lot of the fight leaning on Floyd and holding on to keep Mayweather from unleashing flurries once he tagged him, but it was a successful effort that got him through all eight rounds to the disappointment of most everyone.

The lack of judges meant there wasn’t a winner, but boxing writers couldn’t help but hand out live round-by-round scoring like they were watching a real boxing fight and most had Mayweather winning all but the first two rounds. In the end, Mayweather nearly doubled up Paul in punches landed, but unsurprisingly for a Floyd fight, the totals for both fighters were, well, less than spectacular.

Mayweather throwing 107 punches in eight rounds is pretty funny. Paul, bless his heart, was trying to hit Floyd but landed a grand total of 28 punches out of 217, and few seemed to register at all for Mayweather. However, for anyone curious why weight classes exist, this fight was a great reference point. Mayweather certainly wasn’t fighting at anything close to full effort, but that he couldn’t put Paul down at all despite the YouTuber being gassed out was evidence of how massive a 34 pound difference is in the ring.

As for the reaction from the boxing world, Canelo pretty much summed it up.