For The First Time Ever, I Disagree With Taiwanese Animation

Kansas’ Chapman High School calls themselves the “Fighting Irish” and, like so many other high schools and rec league teams across the country, just copy-pastas the Notre Dame University leprechaun logo. Earlier this week, news broke that the school had been formally asked by Notre Dame to stop using the logo. Why is this news? Because the school had been ravaged by tornadoes and only re-opened in January.

Most news outlets have taken a “stay classy” approach to Notre Dame’s demands, calling them out for throwing their weight around and bullying a poor, innocent, geographically-unlucky public school that I guess thinks misfortune puts them above the law and can’t afford to sit a teen down with a pencil and a pad of paper and say “draw us a logo”.

The latest condemnation comes from the only people left in this world I thought I could trust: Next Media Animation, the absurdist geniuses from Taiwan, who have done everything from showing Yao Ming being birthed from a basketball egg to having David Stern chop an NBA-flavored pizza in half with a chainsaw.

I thought maybe they’d understand me and give the Chapman Fighting Irish red monster eyes or something, but nope, even they’ve turned the Notre Dame leprechaun into a whip-lashing slave-driver who wants to destroy the lives of children. The video ends with them giving him the finger and kicking him into the sky, where he disappears in a flash of light like he’s in Team Rocket. At no point do the children get haunted by ghosts or fired into space on a rocket ship.

Is Taiwanese animation getting preachy?

[h/t SOB]