A US Olympian Was Banned After ‘Frequent, Passionate’ Kissing Made Him Fail A Drug Test

07.14.17 8 months ago

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Gil Roberts says he’s a lover, not a drug-taker. The U.S. Olympian failed a drug test and was banned from competition, but he claimed it was due to kissing someone who was taking drugs a bunch of times, not because he was taking the drugs himself.

Roberts — a 400m runner who helped the US win gold in the 4X400 relay at the Rio Olympics – was suspended on a provisional basis in May after his A and B samples from a March testing period came back positive for a masking agent called probenecid.

But Roberts says he didn’t take probenecid to mask any performance-enhancing drugs. Instead, it got into his body through the power of love. His girlfriend, Alex Salazar, got sick on a trip to “rural” India and needed medication. Salazar got sinus medication from a “makeshift” and “messy” place and came back with a prescription of “Moxylong,” which it turns out contains the masking agent.

According to the report, Salizar met up with Roberts when she was back in the country on the same day he was visited for out-of-competition testing. The couple kissed then “chilled out” for a while, then Salazar took her medicine and they kissed some more. The key detail is that Roberts “could not count” the number of times the two kissed before he had to take his drug test.

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