Gatorade Issued A Statement Condemning Cam Netwon’s Sexist Comments

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Cam Newton didn’t apologize for the sexist comments he made to the media on Wednesday, but other brands he’s associated with are starting to do it for him.

Gatorade was the latest on Thursday as the Carolina Panthers and those associated with Newton deal with the dismissive, disrespectful way Newton treated a Charlotte Observer reporter’s question. Newton essentially questioned whether a reporter, a woman, could understand the question she was asking about receivers running routes.

The reaction to Newton’s words has been harsh, and he has already lost a yogurt sponsorship over the incident. The Panthers have condemned his words, and on Thursday the sports drink company Gatorade followed suit on Thursday.

“Cam’s comments were objectionable and disrespectful to all women and they do not reflect the values of our brand,” the company said in a statement. “Gatorade fully supports women who compete in, report on, coach for, or play any role in sport — on or off the field.”

Newton has taken a lot of heat for what he said, and rightfully so. But the company’s he’s affiliated with saying he was wrong is not a proper apology to Jourdan Rodrigue, other female sportswriters or women in general. He had his chance to clarify what he said with Rodrigue directly and that didn’t go well. Until he addresses it personally and make amends, people will continue to be upset with the quarterback.