George Brett Met Lorde And No, Only One Of Them Is 60 Years Old

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.16.14 10 Comments

If you’ve been following the story close (and I’m sure you have), New Zealand teenager Lorde had a smash hit with the song ‘Royals.’ You’ve probably heard it. It turns out she got inspiration for the song from a photo of Kansas City Royals legend George Brett in a back issue of National Geographic. She had no idea who he was or what he did, he just had “royals” written across his chest. And I guess she was just looking at the pictures?

You’d think a statement like “I wrote the song because of the Kansas City Royals” would dissuade all the LOL WHEN SHE SAYS ROYALS YOU THINK SHE MEANS THE BASEBALL ROYALS, but we’ve still suffered through a year of parody songs. Today, we’ve taken the next step: George Brett met Lorde, and MLB’s Twitter account put the final nail in the Royals coffin.

A coffin occupied by a Nosferatu like Lorde:

As Burnsy said when he linked me to the picture, “I bet a lot of baseball stars met teenaged females in the 80s.”

Now to see which AL Central stars are on each others’ teams.

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