Watch Giancarlo Stanton Completely Crush A Homer Out Of Dodger Stadium

There are a select few hitters in Major League Baseball who have the ability to provide fans sitting in the outfield upper decks with the hope of a souvenir every time they step to the plate. Giancarlo Stanton, who has been known to hit baseballs very, very far from time to time, is one of those guys.

On Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the Marlins outfielder showcased that ability once again – except the lack of upper deck seating beyond the outfield walls at Dodger Stadium left fans to watch Stanton’s eighth home run of the year sail completely out of the park.

Stanton took a first inning pitch from Dodgers starter Mike Bolsinger and blasted it over the outfield bleachers and into the abyss in left. The ball was struck with such violent force – MLB’s Statcast™ projected that it traveled 475 feet with an exit velocity of 114 mph – and left so little doubt that Dodgers left fielder Scott Van Slyke didn’t even bother to give it the ol’ college try as it was sent flying over his airspace. Instead, Van Slyke just turned to watch in amazement along with everyone else.

(video via MLB)