Giancarlo Stanton Unbelievably Had A Strike Called Against Him After Getting Hit In The Face By A Pitch

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Baseball is stupid and let me tell you why. Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face last night with a fastball. It was an accident and the Brewers Mike Fiers didn’t do it intentionally. As Stanton laid on the ground unconscious, bleeding from his mouth, with uncertainty as to whether he was going to live, the umpire called him for a strike.

You see, as Stanton tried to avoid certain death with a baseball to the skull, his bat came forward. He had no intention of swinging at the pitch, none at all. But the ump at first base went by the letter of the law. His bat had crossed the threshold of no return.

I’m not going to look up the ump’s name because frankly, I don’t care. He’s an anonymous piece of shit and the rules that govern his game are just as shitty as him

By the way, Giancarlo Stanton suffered multiple facial fractures. He’ll likely miss the rest of the season.

Baseball is stupid.