Detroit Stunned Minnesota Thanks To This Crazy Game-Winning Catch-And-Run By Golden Tate

Associate Editor
11.06.16 3 Comments

Detroit came from behind to take down Minnesota on Sunday afternoon, 22-16. The Lions forced overtime on a 58-yard field goal by Matt Prater, then in the extra period, the team was able to win thanks to this ridiculous touchdown by Golden Tate.

Matt Stafford found his receiver as he was near the sidelines on Minnesota’s 15-yard line. Instead of getting out of bounds, Tate juked and made one Vikings defender go flying by. Then, another defender wrapped Tate up, but the Lions’ receiver ran backwards and managed to evade the defender’s grasp.

As he got into the end zone, Tate decided to show off the flair that he’s become known for throughout his career. He did a barrel roll into the end zone, and while a third Vikings player came and hit him, it didn’t matter, because Detroit was walking out of U.S. Bank Stadium with a win.

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