An Esports Team Vying For A Million Dollar Prize Pool Gets Derailed By A Disconnected Xbox Controller

In the old days, one of the biggest heel moves anyone could ever pull was resetting a console or disconnecting a controller when they were down on the scoreboard or on the verge of being eliminated. Trollish behavior like that doesn’t really exist on the professional competitive scene, but nothing is perfect, and sometimes technology chooses when to employ Murphy’s Law.

So imagine being Halo pro Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, whose team Reciprocity was battling the elite Team Envy on a pivotal seventh map in a series. It all came down to this win, and his controller turns off.

His reaction on social media was appropriate.

As you can see in the video above, Tyler was on a kill-streak with his team up at the time, nearing victory. The brief moment that he’s stuck in the shadow realm is enough to get him killed and send his team on a shook downward spiral that shatters their dreams of claiming the $1 million dollar prize pool.

Anyone who’s held a gamepad in their hands and wanted to defeat the player next to them or the anonymous foe over the internet can imagine how devastating this is. But being a pro with a huge payday on the line is absolutely soul-crushing.

(Via Compete)