Ham And Squints From ‘The Sandlot’ Reunited At A Twins Game Last Month?

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06.11.13 9 Comments

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I really don’t know how stories of this magnitude can just slip through the cracks sometimes, but it happens and even the all-knowing Internet is incapable of being perfect. Back on May 19, the Boston Red Sox were visiting the Minnesota Twins for a game that the former would eventually win 5-1. However, the two teams had to sit through a three-hour rain delay before they could get that result, and that means that the players had some extra time to fart around and do whatever.

The Red Sox chose to watch the baseball classic, The Sandlot, in the visitor’s dugout, and it just so happened that director David Mickey Evans was in the middle of a 20th anniversary tour for the film. And it also just so happened that the film’s stars, Patrick “The Great Hambino” Renna and Chauncey “Squints” Leopardi were up in the broadcast booth for “Twins Live” to talk about their favorite lines.

I’m still waiting for Wendy Peffercorn to reunite with my heart.


Wendy Peffercorn

Wendy Peffercorn 2

Wendy Peffercorn 3

Wendy Peffercorn 4

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