The Chicago Cast of ‘Hamilton’ Sang ‘Go Cubs Go’ To Celebrate The City’s World Series Title

Getty Image

The Cubs’ World Series victory has officially jumped the shark. Now even the theater kids are getting in on the fun.

We joke, but the Chicago cast of Hamilton celebrated the Cubs’ first championship in more than a century by joyously performing a Broadway rendition of ‘Go Cubs Go’ after Thursday night’s performance. The cast even remembered to “Fly the W” and pulled out a flag to wave and dance with as they sang. It was an energized performance that fired up the whole crowd, despite the ending of the hit musical being a bit of a downer (no spoilers).

It should be noted that not every lyric is as clear or accurate as it could be, but when people have spent their entire lives training to be the best Broadway performers they can be instead of sitting around watching baseball and memorizing every word to “Go Cubs Go,” a few mistakes can be forgiven. The song has already rocketed up the streaming charts after the win on Wednesday night, so it’s good to see all corners of Chicago getting in on the fun.

Plus, when is the last time “Go Cubs Go” actually sounded this professional? Thousands of screaming Cubs fans screaming it might send chills up spines based on the magic of the moment, but a lot can be said for somebody singing the words on pitch for once.