Here's Video Of Charles Barkley & Boyz II Men Singing 'End Of The Road.' Have A Great Day

08.30.12 4 Comments

This is a video of Charles Barkley in a bar doing a karaoke version of “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. Let all the parts of that sentence really sink in for a minute. 1) Charles Barkley. 2) In a bar. 3) Doing karaoke. 4) Singing “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. 5) On video. YES. And as if all that weren’t enough, I have some more exciting news for you: Charles Barkley is a terrible singer. TERRIBLE. Like, he’s so bad that he blows right past “Ugh, get this guy off the stage” and lands firmly in “Jesus Christ, this is almost like performance art, let’s try to get him to sing ‘The Greatest Love of All’ or something just to see what happens.” As one of the Internet’s foremost experts on “End of the Road,” I can confidently say that the first 60 seconds of this video represent the single worst rendition of the song I’ve ever heard.

But then.


At the 0:58 mark, something amazing happens. The crowd stirs. A familiar sounding voice begins ringing out, picking up the butchered remnants of the song that Sir Charles has scattered all over the stage. Holy sh-t. No. It can’t be. Wait… IT IS. TWO OF THE MEMBERS OF BOYZ II MEN ARE RUSHING THE STAGE. I REPEAT, BOYZ II MEN IS RUSHING STAGE, MICROPHONES IN HAND, AND THEY ARE NOW SINGING “END OF THE ROAD” AT KARAOKE WITH CHARLES BARKLEY. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE.

I know this was a set-up, but it would make me incredibly happy if the members of Boyz II Men just, like, did this sometimes. As in, they show up at some random karaoke bar, hang out in the back, wait for someone to perform one of their songs, then pull wireless microphones out of a bag and storm the stage. If I were the one performing the song when that happened, I would literally explode. Literally.


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