Here’s An Ump With No Personal Issues Ejecting A DJ For Playing ‘3 Blind Mice’

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.22.14 7 Comments

The title says it all.

In an incident that was five seconds from dude squinting his eyes and screaming RESPECT MY AUTHORITAY at the heavens, an umpire who desperately needs to be hugged ejected the sound guy for dropping ‘3 Blind Mice’ on him. The crowd boos and the announcers talk about how awesome it was. All I can think is man, if you’re that shook by ‘3 Blind Mice,’ what would you do if the organist dropped a SERIOUS diss track on you? Guy gets a base hit and suddenly ‘Hit Em Up’ is playing.

He probably would’ve jumped into the stands and started ripping up chairs.

h/t to Reddit

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