Here’s Brock Lesnar Posing With The Founders Of Jimmy John’s And Wearing Epic Grandpa Pants

God, I love Brock Lensar.

Whether he’s using a machine gun to murder a bunch of prairie dogs or hilariously wrecking somebody’s fake office, Lesnar’s monstrous invalid baby-rage is a gift to us all.

The following picture if of Brock Lesnar posing with the founders of Jimmy John’s, the sandwich chain that put their logo on his shorts and accidentally made themselves my Twitter background for the last year and a half. If that’s not awkward enough, he is wearing the most INCREDIBLE GRANDPA PANTS, you guys. Look at how high these things go up. LOOK AT THEM:

Theory: That’s not even Lesnar. It’s Chubby from Our Gang doing the trenchcoat gag with a bunch of Little Rascals under him.

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[h/t to BJ Mendelson]