Here’s What The First Class Menus Look Like For The Baltimore Orioles And Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks punter Jon Ryan took to Twitter to complain about the first class menus on Delta airlines. Specifically, the difference between his Seahawks and the Baltimore Orioles.

As a professional fat person, allow me to weigh in here.

Pre-departure snacks—EDGE: Orioles

Sushi rolls + shrimp cocktails + PBJ > Cheeseburgers + cheese and crackers

Dinner/Entree—EDGE: Orioles

There are just more options here. Filets, salads, burgers—and then as if that wasn’t good enough, they’re like, hey, here’s an omelet fatty with a side of pancakes. That’s an obese person’s wet dream right there.

Snacks—EDGE: Seahawks

Klondike bars forever and ever.

So yes, Jon Ryan has a legitimate beef here. The Seahawks are getting jobbed. Again this is not an opinion, this is an educated fact from a fat person. Consider it a thesis.