A Football Coach Allegedly Put His Penis In A Hot Dog Bun And Showed It To His Players

03.21.17 2 years ago 2 Comments


Jim Sharkey, coach of the Ferris High School football team in Washington state, allegedly put his penis in a hot dog bun and showed it to the team at a football camp. There other allegations of inappropriate comments made and knowledge of inappropriate behavior from members of the team, but first we need to talk about the hot dog bun thing.

This is something you should never do, no matter the situation (no one wants to see that), but especially if you’re a grown adult man (should honestly stop be able to stop here) around minors.

The Spokesman-Review obtained details of what happened in the alleged incident from school records.

A couple of weeks after [a summer 2016] camp, a Ferris player came forward and said that while Sharkey was grilling, he turned with his exposed penis inside a hot dog bun. Sharkey said, “You think that is a big dog – take a look at this,” according to school records that listed multiple different versions of the same quote.

That’s not good! This is a bad prank that you might expect to happen at a fraternity cookout, but definitely not from a coach at a high school football camp. On the list of things a high school coach can’t do, pulling your dick out in front of your players is pretty close to the top.

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