How Not To Knock Someone Out With A Kick

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.21.12 2 Comments

I’ve watched this video a few times, trying to figure out how landing on your arm from like two feet up can knock you out, and yeah, the jolt of a fall can do crazy things to your brain and all, but I think it was shame that knocked him out.

Cage Potato is a great place to find MMA and boxing knockout videos of varying believability, but this is my new favorite — Jeremie Capony and Dan Lariviere squared off at Empire Fight League 4 in Montreal on Saturday, and at some point Lariviere attempts a flying switch-kick that whiffs completely and only succeeds in switching consciousness for unconsciousness.

I like to think that in a different timeline, poor Dan connected with that kick and it made him a viral Internet superstar. Maybe he got a date with Mandy Moore out of it. I guess we’re just living in the darkest timeline.

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