How To React When Someone Politely Snaps Your Arm In Half

This video’s YouTube description fills you in on the details:

must watch arm breaks

Uh, okay, maybe it doesn’t, but you must watch this guy’s arm break has he gets trapped in a kimura, tries to fight his way out of it and ends up with one of Stretch Armstrong’s bendy arms.

The best parts (besides the bone snapping and the horrible “Bo Jackson hitting a home run” noise it makes) has to be the reaction of the fighters. The guy doing the snapping reacts like a normal person might — by stopping, asking if the guy he just debilitated is okay and making OH GOD I BROKE HIS ARM I THINK faces at the referee. The guy with the jelly limb just kinda kneels there in acceptance, overcome by some combination of shock and adrenaline. I guess I’m not expecting him to scream NOOOO and roll around holding his arm or anything, but damn.

Whatever he’s thinking at this moment, I hope it includes the phrase, “Please God, don’t ever let my elbow make comic book action noises again”.

[h/t to Jessica/Lobster Mobster by way of MiddleEasy]