I Guess This Makes Us Like LeBron James Now… Well, Most Of Us

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01.28.13 14 Comments

On Friday night, the Miami Heat laid a 22-point drubbing on the Detroit Pistons, and that’s not news because we expect the Heat to beat a 10th place team by more than 110-88 every single time. What is news, though, is that I think we just heard the dying breaths and gasps for relevance of the remaining people who really, really hate LeBron James.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that there aren’t people who still hate the self-proclaimed King, but after his random act of awesomeness during Friday night’s halftime routine at the American Airlines Arena, it’s kind of hard to not at least like the guy. In case you haven’t already watched it 20 times, a fan was brought to the half court line for a chance to win $75,000, and he put up one of the most atrocious hook shots that we’ve ever seen.

But science be damned, the ball went in, that fan won himself a giant check and James rushed him from the bench and tackled him to the ground in celebration.

I guess first and foremost, hat’s off to whoever has been managing James’ PR since the Decision and the ensuing victory celebration before the victory, because he really shows flashes of being that normal guy who he pretends to be in that one cell phone commercial. But I think more than anyone, James owes Dwight Howard some Omaha Steaks or a fruit basket, because it’s hard to really remember why we ever disliked James when Howard still refuses to grow up.

Well, at least it’s hard for me (a once super duper hater) to remember. This Boston Celtics fan from yesterday, though, still hasn’t forgotten how to hate James.

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