I Was Once An Adventurer Like You, Then I Met This Lady (And Morning Links)

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01.24.12 3 Comments

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49ers Fans Voted No. 1 In Refusing To Leave A Playoff Game After Being Pepper Sprayed – I don’t care how much football is happening, if I get sprayed with pepper spray I’m either slitting throats or being driven the hell home sobbing. No inbetween. [Bay Bridge Banter]

Shank So Hard University – A celebration of karma coming back to haunt Joe Flacco for that “you guys should heap more praise on Joe Flacco” interview. At least Tebow seems like a cool guy when he’s done sucking dick at quarterback. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Your NFL Recap: 10 Things Learned From Championship Sunday – Thing 11: Don’t be Joe Flacco. Thing 12: If Joe Flacco says you should be talking more about Joe Flacco, ignore him and write some more about Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the baddest man on the planet. [Smoking Section]

Caring Is Easy. Apathy Is Work. – Putting this Joe Paterno business into context the only way I understand. Probably the only thing written about this online that made me go “sh*t, he’s totally right”. [@KillPrint]

Puppy Bowl VIII Is Coming: Resistance Is Futile. Prepare For Your Doom – …and only With Leather will have exclusive interviews with the stars. Just kidding, I’m going to put up puppy pictures and have the responses just say arf arf arf. [Pajiba]

TV Gifs Of The Week – I think Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie is my ultimate fantasy threesome. Wait, no, I take that back, it’s still Gina Carano and Rachel Maddow. Shut up, I have awesome taste. And gender issues. But awesome taste. [Warming Glow]

NBA Dance Party – Just one picture, but one you’ll never forget. I could probably write a novel about it. [Buzzfeed]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo: Finally, Skyrim Meets Pokémon – If modern Finals Fantasy was 10% as fun as either of those games I wouldn’t have abandoned it when Yuna became a pop singing tomb raiding ninja. TELL GOOD STORIES, SQUARE. [Gamma Squad]

Justin Bieber Is Obsessed With The 1996 Mark Wahlberg Film Fear As we all SHOULD be. I hope if he remakes it he carries over Marky Mark’s accent. His pronunciation of “Mister Walker” as “missaWAHkah” is the best part. OH NO MISSAWAHKAH I WOULD NEVAH DO DAT TO YA DAUGHTAH. [Film Drunk]

The Best Of ‘Parks And Recreation’s’ #Jerry Gergich – Damn, Jerry! You jumped in a creek for a burrito? What’d you do for a Klondike bar? Kill your wife? [UPROXX]

Bon Jovi + Bon Iver = Bon Joviver – Try this: do an impression of what you think a 6-year old falsetto in a church choir sounds like. There you go, you just sang Bon Iver’s last 15 songs. [UPROXX]

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