I Was Told There Would Be No Math

04.11.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

This is called, if I can read the card here, “Bubble-sort with Hungarian (“Csángó”) folk dance,” and this is not so much a post about sports as it is a dare to see how long you’ll watch this. I’d lay even money that you make it to the last 45 seconds, but at that point you’ll actually realize what’s happening. I’m told that this is exactly how they auction off prostitutes in Reykjavik. Those crazy Icelanders like to kick the tires on everything.

Really, my favorite part of this is how each dude slaps his feet in alternating fashion as he retreats back to his “bubble.” That requires an amazing combination of hand speed and prissiness. Johnny Weir wants to try now.

Via ShareBro Robert.

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