If Rain Wasn’t Bad Enough, Adam Sandler Played Kevin James At The U.S. Open

With Andy Roddick now retired and the nation mourning the loss of Brooklyn Decker’s attendance at Grand Slam events, there isn’t much left for American men’s tennis fans to be excited about. That is, unless you’re a big Mardy Fish fan, in which case I hope you shout “MARDY!” every time he plays like the random voice in Not Another Teen Movie, because that’s necessary.
Now that we officially stand no chance, it’s only fair that us Americans punish the rest of the world’s tennis fans by making them sit through the stuff that pains us most. Yesterday, that agony came at the hands of Adam Sandler and Kevin James, who teamed up with John McEnroe and Jim Courier, respectively, for a special celebrity doubles match.

The late night main course was preceded by the warm-up event, namely John McEnroe and Adam Sandler taking on Jim Courier and Kevin James. It’s fair to say the quality wasn’t out of the top-drawer, although the two comedians did show a glimpse of ability. James served to stay in the match, but was unable to do so. Although it wasn’t exactly clear who won given Sandler and James were on the same side of the net when the final point was scored. (Via ESPN)

Which means they were being HILARIOUS! James was sporting a t-shirt for his new “comedy” Here Comes the Boom, which, as Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk describes it, is a Mixed Martial Farts film.
The exhibition – which featured Colin Quinn as a guest judge, because what else does he have to do? – comes as no surprise, as Sandler and McEnroe have been good buddies since the tennis legend appeared in Mr. Deeds. Honestly, I hope this inspires them to try their luck at more sports, starting with “car dodging” at the Federated Auto Parts 400 tomorrow.

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They’re actually not terrible in a “Hey, can anyone go out and play B-team tennis at 4 today so we don’t lose points in the Frat Cup?” kind of way.
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