Changing The Morning Links For Blu-Ray


Burnsy Makes People Laugh In Real Life – Here’s a nice teaser of Burnsy performing at a college football roast held by the Kiwanis Club. My Kiwanis act would be “so I hear you guys like eucalyptus … anybody remember Noozles” and then coughing for 12 minutes. Burnsy’s better at this than me. [WPTV]

More Star Wars Blu-Ray Edits No Less Ridiculous Than The Real Ones – No less ridiculous, but way funnier. All we need now is for Obi-Wan to tell the story of the two frogs that fell in a pot of boiling milk. [Gamma Squad]

1988 George Lucas Was Against 2011 George Lucas Before He Was For Him – In 20 years, Return of the Jedi is just going to be When In Rome with some blinking Muppets. It will still be better than anything involving a spaceship made since like 1985. [UPROXX]

Game On: HIV Test That Shut Down Porn Industry Was False Positive – The next scandal should be a porn star telling her director that she’s pregnant and showing him a home test she intentionally peed on too much to make positive, and then a month or so of follow-up where the director sobs in a Planned Parenthood until she admits she did it on purpose. [Film Drunk]

Kick@ss Movie GIF Photosets: Part Two – I need to learn how to make GIFs more efficiently, I want to contribute a Josie and the Pussycats set, and possibly one for Stay Tuned. The Golden “Ghouls” still makes me laugh, because I’m 10. [UPROXX]

Soulja Boy: “F**k Army Troops” – Whenever we are upset at something Soulja Boy has said, we must remember that he’s the guy who filmed himself jumping off a cliff in “Braid”, rewinding it, and jumping off again while laughing. I’m sure he hates army troops AND hospital doctors. [Smoking Section|

Oprah Winfrey and Usher Versus Yelling Goat – I’m siding with the goat in every imaginable scenario. [UPROXX]

First Video: Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 on ‘Parks and Recreation’ – Pretty excited to have this and “Community” back and airing regularly. Also excited for season two of Outsourced!! [Warming Glow]

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: Walking Dead Edition – “Zombie” always strikes me as a lazy costume, even when you put tons of work into it. Like, it’s the asexual equivalent of the “sexy” costume. I’m a zombie nurse! I’m a zombie firefighter! etc. [Gamma Squad]

25 Stunning Raquel Welch Magazine Covers – I’m not complaining, but why did somebody decide this should be a Buzzfeed post? Can I put up galleries of Ginger Rogers? [Buzzfeed]

21 Dropped TV Subplots – I think Buffy had about 40 of these, unless “Willow didn’t go to jail or lose any friends or face any kind of personal punishment for killing a bunch of people, she just had to go to wizard therapy in England” isn’t a subplot. [FARK]

Why (Some) French Movie Posters Are Better Than Ours – Polish posters are even better, but Japanese posters are the best. The Field of Dreams poster where the title is MAN BUILDS CORNFIELD AND HAS MAGICAL CATCH WITH DEAD FATHER or whatever is the funniest thing in history. [Moviefone]