Introducing ‘Flaming Jenga,’ Maybe The Worst Idea Of The Year

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11.21.13 2 Comments

Flaming Jenga

This will obviously not end well. In this video, we see a group of people taking their competitive Jenga fever to a whole new level, as they’ve set the wooden blocks on fire in order to make the process of keeping the stack from falling a little more dangerous and potentially scarring. It’s only a matter of time before “Flaming Jenga” becomes a huge hit with the drunk college kids, as we all know that nothing goes better together than binge drinking and open flames, so I will make sure to scour the university police reports and update this with news items that include phrases like, “… the deceased was dared to ‘fart the tower over’…” and “… the young woman’s hair was scorched while her boyfriend vomited on her chest and screamed, ‘Puke and rally!’”

[H/T to The Dumbass Daily]

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