Introducing NHL Lockout Text Message Anger Management Therapy

11.02.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

We’ve entered Day 46 of the NHL lockout and there still seems to be no end in sight. The big news today is that if a deal can’t be reached within the coming hours, the 2013 Winter Classic will be canceled and that sucks, because that’s probably the only non-playoff game I watch during the regular season (go Blues, big fan). That cancellation would be in addition to the 326 regular season games that have already been nixed, but there is apparently a silver lining.
While I’m no sports labor expert, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. UPDATE: It was just canceled. The majority of analysis I’ve read over the past several days makes it seem as if the sky has already fallen, someone picked it up and used Scotch Tape to hold it in place, and then it fell again, this time killing some children and puppies.
But as usual, I started my morning routine by searching the webs and Tumblrs and Tweeters for humorous fan reactions and anything meme-worthy, and I came across two NHL bro pals who are handling the lockout in a rather amusing fashion, via text message anger management.

According to the OP: “My friend and I decided to rage about the lockout. I named him Erik Karlsson because he has a big man crush on him. LOL FUCK THE LOCKOUT!” Agreed. I thoroughly enjoyed these, so I hope that some of you devout hockey nuts do as well.

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