Isiah Thomas In A Clear Plastic Mask On NBA TV Is Truly Frightening

isiah thomas

Masks in the NBA are so hot right now, especially coming off the heels of the masked crusader Russell Westbrook and his incredible fourth-straight triple double on Wednesday. Westbrook scored 49 points, had 16 rebounds and 10 assists in a 123-118 overtime win over the Sixers.

But we’re not here to talk about Westbrook. You can read about him herehere, or here. Instead, we need to discuss the fallout of Westbrook’s masked heroics, primarily the copycats. As with any superhero story, there are those who don the mask for a variety of reasons. As homage, in an attempt to be a hero themselves or to be a villain. The oxymoronic notoriety that comes from being an anonymous masked man is tantalizing for even the most eccentric billionaires.

Enter Isiah Thomas. He couldn’t resist putting a mask on during his NBA TV appearance on Wednesday night, and oh my goodness, we are no longer in a Frank Miller comic book. We have now entered a Stephen King novel.

I am so sorry. This was all a big mistake.

(h/t the great and powerful @treykerby)