It Doesn’t Matter If It’s a Small World

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.24.11 5 Comments

In what might be the greatest combination of pro wrestling, Fast and Furious movies and cheesy amusement park photos of all time, bear witness to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posing on Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Here’s a link to the original photo, in case you didn’t want to miss the Will Ferrell guy taking a dump in the back. The pose is great by itself, but the sunglasses and the sleeveless, patriotic Team Bring It shirt really put it over the top and make it the best Splash Mountain pose since my friend Andy (pictured, bottom left) redefined the genre of fear back in 2008.

Johnson had so much fun on Splash Mountain he swore he’d never leave Disneyland, then left immediately and hasn’t been back since this picture was taken.

Rock’s Twitter account is great not only for pictures like these (including mark photos with Goofy and Minnie Mouse wanting a piece of The Great One’s strudel) but for vague, passionate declarations of nothing, like “GO AFTER IT” or #kicksomef’nasstoday. He is very concerned with bringing it, and knowing whether or not it has been brought.

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