It is Hard to Tweet for Two Hours

What’s better than reading about soccer on the Internet? Reading what happens when a soccer player signs up for Twitter expecting a circle jerk and gets nothing but vulgar insults in return. That’s what happened to Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson, who started networking socially @dgibbo28 and deleted his account in a Miley Cyrus style personal nightmare no more than two hours later.

Some of the choice Tweets include:

Darron Gibson @dgibbo28 is on Twitter, a traitor to his country and a s**** footballer.

@dgibbo28 You are a abysmal excuse for a footballer. You’re a one trick pony – a s*** one at that. What Fergie sees in you I do not know…

@dgibbo28 hasn’t tweeted yet. Seems somewhat fitting after the countless anonymous performances we’ve seen the “footballer”.

@dgibbo28 your performance on saturday was one of the worst I’ve ever seen of any utd player. scared of the ball much?

@dgibbo28 team do all hard work keeping possession then u hit row Z every f**** time!!

@dgibbo28 the biggest compliment i can give you is that you are better than Carrick

The final straw was a Tweet that read “nothing would make me happier than if we sold you this summer.” Not even a Team Bring It-style “show him some love” from teammate Rio Ferdinand could turn the tide, and now Gibson’s big memory of soccer fans on the Internet is that they’re extremely angry and passionate about soccer, to the point of hate and mania. You know, like soccer fans in real life.

I’m a little disappointed that Gibson didn’t leave his account active, but post “I’m leaving forever, goodbye!” so he could keep refreshing and see who begged him to stay.