It’s Time For Wisconsin’s Vitto Brown To Get On One Of Those Singing Shows

It wasn’t until after the Orlando Magic drafted Victor Oladipo that most of us discovered what Indiana Hoosiers fans had known for several years, that the dude has a hell of a set of pipes on him. But with his ascension to the NBA, there has been a void in the Big Ten in terms of guys who can both play basketball pretty well and display a remarkable singing voice, and thanks to reader Vinnie’s persistence, we’re now well aware that Wisconsin Badgers freshman forward Vitto Brown is ready to be that two-talent all-star that we so desperately need.

Brown didn’t really play much in his freshman season, as he averaged 3.1 minutes and his biggest performance came against Eastern Kentucky, when he grabbed 3 rebounds in 7 minutes. That’s not to say that the big man won’t end up being an All-American, but right now his highlight reel mostly involves a cover of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are.” Brown recently joined members of Wisconsin’s men’s a cappella group Fundamentally Sound to make his case for being NCAA basketball’s best singing big man.

And this isn’t really news to some people, because the Big Ten Network has already been tracking Brown’s vocal talents, as he introduced himself to fans at the Red/White Scrimmage game last October by singing the National Anthem.

Not exactly perfect, but not terrible either. Simon and Demi, what do you say?

Oh, you two.

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