Jack Nicholson Didn’t Look Too Happy About Being At A Clippers Game

The Oklahoma City Thunder finally put the plucky but overwhelmed Los Angeles Clippers out of their misery last night with a 104-98 Game 6 win at the Staples Center. If there’s anything positive to take away from this loss in an otherwise terrible organizational period for the Clippers, it’s that Lakers superfan Jack Nicholson was either on hand to lend his support for the Clippers players during this bizarre Donald Sterling mess or to laugh maniacally as the dreams of the few Clippers fans that exist in his Laker oasis were once again crushed beneath the magnificence of MVP Kevin Durant’s 39-performance and sheer hideousness of Sterling’s every word. Whatever the reason may have been, it was nice to see Nicholson sitting courtside while Kobe Bryant lounges in the south of France.

ESPN on NBA, though, offered a very serious accusation toward Nicholson, asking if his new nickname should be “Traitor Jack,” because Lakers fans are probably the most excitable of the NBA faithful, especially when they’re just watching old games on ESPN Classic right now. The responses to that ESPN Tweet are downright enjoyable, a hearty serving of sheer assholishness, marinated with spoiled misery and stuffed to the brim with golden-baked sad trombone.

A small sample:

But I ask that all Lakers fans, no matter how irrational or stubborn you may be, to remember that Nicholson has always been the same guy. He didn’t want to be at this game, dealing with all these people, as much as he doesn’t want to be anywhere, dealing with anyone. Just look at how he treats these two kids like they’re the most meaningless specks of nothingness in our galaxy…

[protected-iframe id=”78a386cca9619151275169c8cc85a00a-60970621-60085469″ info=”https://vine.co/v/MXwiPvnDUu3/embed/simple” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

Jack Nicholson: Still the best.

(H/T to SB Nation for the Vine)