James Holzhauer’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Run Ended Because He Was Forced To Play Like A Normal Contestant

06.04.19 3 months ago


In the 191st episode of Jeopardy!‘s 35th season, the returning champion is dethroned by a new contestant. That’s happened hundreds of times over the years on the show, and without context, it’s an unremarkable sentence. But when the champion is James Holzhaueur, winner of more than $2.4 million in 32 games, the story is far more impressive.

Holzhauer’s reign on the show has completely changed what is possible on Jeopardy! in the minds of a lot of the show’s biggest fans. The numbers tell the story: Holzhauer averaged $75,364 over 33 games, just shy of the $77,000 that was once the single-day record for the show. That kind of sustained run had some insane performances with bold bets and big paydays. Oftentimes, he won running away.

But it’s important to note that Holzhauer never got burned by betting big. When he missed a “true” Daily Double early in his run, he quickly gained it all back and entered Final Jeopardy with a runaway victory. He was never too aggressive or made a fatal error, because every move he made was calculated. The closest fault you could give him on Monday was when he stayed in the Historical TV category instead of hunting for the second Daily Double right away. Emma Boettcher, who eventually dethroned Holzhauer, got control of the board, found DD3 a few questions later, and Holzhauer found himself chasing the rest of the way.

Still it’s incredibly difficult to criticize his strategy, one which made such logical sense and worked to such perfection for so long. Even his final wager in Monday’s Final Jeopardy was a calculated decision, and ultimately the right one. The problem was that Boettcher played too well and, for the first time in 33 games, Holzhauer wasn’t in the lead before the final question.

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