James Holzhauer’s Tweet About Andrew Luck Has ‘Jeopardy!’ Conspiracy Theorists Abuzz


On Saturday night, shortly after Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement press conference ended, former Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer called the now-former quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts “brave” on Twitter in a way that raised the ears of many Jeopardy! fans.

Word that Luck retired came down during a Colts-Bears preseason game, forcing Luck to address his retirement afterward instead of the Sunday afternoon conference he had reportedly planned. And word that Luck, a six-year NFL vet and the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, would be stepping away from the game made some fans angry initially.

Luck spoke passionately during his retirement presser about the injuries he’d endured and how they made him lose his love for the game, which is what Holzhauer was referencing when he applauded the athlete for making the decision to retire.

But as many noted, it seems like Holzhauer is heavily referencing his own fate on Jeopardy! Many comments immediately thought that Holzhauer was referring to himself when he talked about being brave enough to “do the right thing” and walk away.

It certainly says something about Holzhauer and the way he so thoroughly dominated the game during his run earlier in the year. He was so impressive that, for some, him losing must be about more than just Emma Boettcher playing an equally brilliant game to knock him off. But as Holzhauer addressed on Monday, it’s got to be a bit annoying for Holzhauer to even joke about it.

Chalking up Holzhauer losing to a conspiracy, much like thinking the moon landing is fake, is a disservice to all the hard work that actually made both happen. But unlike a trip to the moon, we’re much more likely to see a rematch between Holzhauer and Boettcher in the show’s Tournament of Champions this fall.