Jason Garrett Would Like Greg Hardy To Stop Joking About The Awful Stuff He’s Done

jason garrett
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Jason Garrett has heard our cries (and Katie Nolan’s fury) about Greg Hardy, and he’s totally got this. He’d like to make it clear that joking about women after you’ve been suspended for more than a year for domestic violence is super uncool:

“That’s not how we want to operate as an organization, players and coaches in our organization understand that,” Garrett said. “We want to distinguish ourselves with our play, not with what we say. We define ourselves by what we do, not by what we say. Greg understands that now and that’s how we’re going forward.”

Yeah, super uncool, Greg. The Cowboys don’t mind if you viciously assault your girlfriend, but you’re supposed to be polite about it to the media, otherwise it’s awkward for everyone, even if your owner completely agrees with your creepy statements(?!). Seriously, it would be amazing how little Cowboys management seems to care about Hardy’s lack of remorse for a violent crime he committed if it wasn’t so damn predictable. Garrett and Jones are part of the NFL system that cares only for the football being played on the field and for the outward image of morality. Now it seems they’re not even putting much effort into the second part.

Imagine if Michael Vick, upon his return to the NFL following his dog-fighting jail time, said in his first public comments, “I just bought two pitbulls, and they’re real fighters, if you know what I mean.” He would have been crucified by the media, and Roger Goodell probably would have trumped up a reason to suspend him again. Hardy making light of his crimes like a sociopath gets a private talking-to and the lightest of public admonishments.

This whole situation continues to be stomach-turning.

(Via Fort Worth Star-Telegram)