A Contestant Roasted The Packers In Final Jeopardy On Aaron Rodgers’s First Day Guest Hosting

Aaron Rodgers is hosting Jeopardy! for the next couple of weeks as the future Hall of Fame quarterback takes a turn behind the podium as the latest guest host on the show. Rodgers has made clear that he isn’t just doing this for fun and wants his time as guest host to serve as a real audition for the permanent role whenever the show gets around to making someone the new full-time host, insisting he can host and play quarterback in the NFL at the same time.

That seems like a long shot, and for now he has to get through two weeks of shows unscathed, which proved to be a bit more difficult than he was maybe anticipating on his first show as host. (As a warning in case you have somehow gotten this far and care about such things, but spoilers ahead if you don’t want to know who wins tonight’s episode just yet.)

During Final Jeopardy, one contestant who knew he was too far behind to catch the leader decided he would take the opportunity to ask Rodgers a pressing question that just about every Packers fan has wanted to ask: Who wanted to kick that field goal?

The field goal in question, of course, is the Packers kicking from the 8-yard line while down 8 with just over two minutes to play against the Bucs in the NFC title game, which they went on to lose by a 31-26 margin after never getting the ball back and having a chance to score. It was a rather baffling move in the moment that got even worse in hindsight as the Packers never got the stop they needed and saw Tom Brady and company go on to the Super Bowl (which they won).

Rodgers’ reaction is sensational, as he just starts chuckling midway through reading the response from our guy Scott, and takes a few seconds to figure out how not to get himself in trouble on national TV. He settles on “that’s a very good question” opting for the most diplomatic response possible and quickly trying to move on. Kudos to Scott for taking the perfect opportunity to break that out because, while he didn’t win, he will live on a viral video forever as the guy that roasted the Packers in front of Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy!

Afterwards, Rodgers had to give him some props for that stunt and said he’s “all-time” in his book for it.