‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Remembering Alex Trebek By Posting Their Favorite Moments

Sunday morning brought about the incredibly sad news that Alex Trebek had died at the age of 80 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The legendary game show host, best known for his three decades on Jeopardy!, was beloved by millions whose lives he entered most every weekday evening for years and years.

As with anyone that’s in your life that regularly, whether you know them personally or not, there are going to be plenty of memories that come flooding back when you think about them, and on Sunday Jeopardy! fans broke out some of their favorite Trebek moments from years past on social media to laugh and cry and remember a tremendous host and, by all accounts, a tremendous man.

The Jeopardy! GOATs all paid tribute to Trebek on social media, and as Jennings said, for millions of people we felt like Alex Trebek was part of our family. The remembrances included some hilarious moments, like the time he matter-of-factly said to a contestant telling him about nerdcore hip-hop, “losers, in other words,” or his long history of making fun of contestants who failed miserably at sports categories.

Any time Trebek had to dive into pop culture, particularly music, it was always a hit, like when he’d rattle off rap lyrics to the delight of everyone watching.

My personal favorite might be this moment with Ken Jennings in which the legendary champ took Trebek aback with the question of “What is a hoe?” to an answer.

Trebek will be sorely missed, and the dry humor he would occasionally unleash on contestants is something that really only he could do and remain as endearing a figure as he was. Jeopardy! will not be the same without him, but at least we have thousands of episodes worth of memories to remember him with.