Jim Harbaugh Wants President Obama To Nominate His Favorite Judge To The Supreme Court

Jim Harbaugh is probably one of the 10 best football coaches on earth. While you can make the case that he is not on that top-10 list, he is undoubtedly on two other top-10 lists: the 10 strangest humans on the planet, and the 10 biggest Judge Judy fans alive.

For the first point, we have so much evidence that Harbaugh is willing to do just about anything to help spread the Michigan brand. This is actually really cool and says a lot about his commitment to his alma mater, but it also leads to him doing odd things like talking his way into a sleepover at a recruit’s house, spending a day going to class with a different recruit, and put on a gigantic National Signing Day event that included, among others, noted not Michigan alumnus Ric Flair.

So far, it’s worked out – Michigan went 10-3 with a 6-2 mark in conference play in his first year in Ann Arbor and Harbaugh managed to pull in the No. 5 recruiting class in America in 2016, according to 247 Sports.

There’s less evidence to prove the second point, but we know that Harbaugh has been in the crowd for an episode of Judge Judy and had a great time. Just look at him enjoy the antics of everyone’s favorite television judge:

The two have also exchanged tweets with one another in the past, because sure. On Wednesday night, Harbaugh decided to take his support of the Judge (real name Judith Sheindlin) to another level. With all the political disagreement over the open Supreme Court seat in the wake of Antonin Scalia’s passing last month, Harbaugh decided to tweet at the President of the United States and implored him to nominate Judge Judy for the position.

Jim Harbaugh is so impossibly weird, but let’s face it: that’s what makes him so lovable (unless, of course, you’re an Ohio State fan, and even then, you probably find Harbaugh entertaining).