Jim Rome Called Marching Bands Dorks On Twitter, So They Got Sweet Revenge On The Field

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This past Thursday blessed the world with many things: a new year, the first viral phenomenon of 2015, and Jim Rome’s poor taste in stirring sh*t up. Who’d the CBS Sports Radio host piss off this time? Instead of firing at athletes, coaches, or teams, Rome took on marching bands.

Dissatisfied with Rome’s take on something he knew nothing about, the fine folks behind the @CollegeMarching took it upon themselves to rally the troops.

They did so with the #MarchOnRome hashtag, and Twitter’s marching aficionados past and present ran with it.

Rome soon deleted the original tweet and issued a carefully-crafted-by-public-relations apology, allowing the “dorks” to claim victory.

This isn’t the first time Rome has poked the hornet’s nest otherwise known as Twitter, but we guess it got pretty heated this time around. Not as heated as his encounter with Jim Chris Everett, but pretty heated.

Source: Washington Post