Jimmy Fallon's Roger Federer Is My Hero

Say what you will about Jimmy Fallon’s inability to keep a straight face during … well, anything, really, but he morphs into the funniest person in the world when he’s called upon to do an impression of someone who never has an impression of them done. See: Neil Young, Eddie Vedder or that amazing (and seemingly totally lost) SNL sketch where he played Punky Brewster’s Dad.

One of the best of his unnecessary, spot-on impressions is top ranked tennis robot Roger Federer. In the latest installment of ‘At The Bar With Roger Federer’, faux FedEx eats tennis balls, reads Fifty Shades Of Grey and — you guessed it — fails to keep a straight face while talking about Santa Claus. It’s so parfeck.

Video is below.

I wish the real Roger Federer was even 10% this interesting.

[via YouTube]