Watch Perfect J.J. Watt Have A Perfect Game Of Catch With A Fan In The Upper Deck

Have you had your fill of J.J. Watt being so handsome and charming and wonderful and perfect all the time? If so, you’ll be glad to hear the Texans defensive lineman seems to have taken a break from being so overwhelmingly awesome and has left us — the public — without many displays of his awesomeness this NFL preseason.

JUST KIDDING, more J.J. Watt perfection coming right in your wheelhouse!!

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year didn’t take the field for the Texans’ first preseason game against the 49ers on Saturday, but that didn’t mean he went the day without a highlight because — I mean, come on — it’s J.J. Watt we’re talking about here. No days off.

Cameras captured Watt sharing a game of catch with a fan in the upper deck of NRG Stadium in Houston as the rest of the crowd cheered them on. Of course, Watt managed to deliver a perfect spiral right on the money to the fan towering above him, then snagged the return toss with ease. You’d be a fool to expect anything less.

(Via Next Impulse Sports)