Joe Buck Responded To The ‘Complete Clickbait’ Surrounding Him Having A Drink In The Booth

After football fans and sports media observers on the internet whipped up an exaggerated controversy on the Fox NFL booth’s alcohol habits this week, play-by-play man Joe Buck took to Twitter to explain himself, clarifying that there was not much actual drinking going on, but that the alcohol instead served as a reminder to stay calm and in the moment.

The comments initially came on Colin Cowherd’s podcast, and Buck stated that although he wasn’t in any professional trouble from Fox for what he said or worried about the ramifications, he wanted to set the record straight, particularly as it pertained to Troy Aikman, his co-pilot in the booth.

As Buck explains, he occasionally has the runner for the booth buy the biggest cup of beer available in the stadium just to set it in his line of sight while calling a game and potentially sip it every so often just as a reminder to relax. Buck has been open about his battles with anxiety and depression as a result of his career, and this was one way that he was able to stay cool.

In the tweet thread, Buck elaborates on how his biggest regret of discussing the practice out in the open with Cowherd was bringing Aikman into it, though Aikman has not officially commented.

The whole story has become far more fraught than it probably had to be, as no matter what the extent of this little mental trick is for Buck and Aikman, it does not seem to ever affect their work.

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