Joe Maddon Is In Here Talking ‘Bout Practice

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.06.14 2 Comments

Joe Maddon Allen Iverson

Not the game. Not the actual game. Practice.

The Tampa Bay Rays congratulated Allen Iverson on his jersey retirement (for some reason) by getting manager Joe Maddon to recreate Iverson’s greatest moment — a clear, succinct explanation of whether we’re talking about an actual basketball game or practice. It’s cute, and I think Maddon’s hat is the star of the video. The original was a Red Sox hat, though. What, was John Farrell busy?

Here is what diehard Rays fans had to say, despite a CONGRATULATIONS TO ALLEN IVERSON graphic and a clip from AI’s original interview being included at the end:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.48.13 AM

Never change, YouTube. (Change immediately.)

Here’s the full original, which never gets old. If you are from outer space or have never seen sports before, enjoy it for the first time.

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