The Man Who Killed Joe McKnight In Broad Daylight Was Released From Custody Without Charges

12.02.16 3 years ago 28 Comments

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Former NFL player Joe McKnight was gunned down in New Orleans on Thursday. The only silver lining was police arrested the alleged shooter, 54-year-old Ronald Gasser, who handed his gun over to police at the scene. A witness had this to say to about the incident.

A witness, who declined to give her name, said she was leaving a store in the area when she saw a man at the intersection yelling at another man, who was trying to apologize. The man who was yelling shot the other man more than once, she said.

She said the shooter shot the man, stood over him and said “I told you don’t you f— with me.” Then he fired again, she said.

It’s a tragedy, but at least police had a witness to the incident and the apparent shooting stayed at the scene.

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