Joe Sakic Sinks Hole-In-One: Wait, Did I Forget How Sports Work

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Joe Sakic sunk a hole-in-one at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, where a perfect shot on the 17th earned him a $1 million bonus from the tournament sponsor. Half of it going to Sakic and half goes to Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation. It’s at this point I’d like to remind you that Sakic is not a golfer: he is a hockey player, so take in this news like you might if I showed you video of Derek Jeter dunking over a car. Charles Barkley just won the Daytona 500, everybody, here’s a photo gallery.

From USA Today:

“That’s a shot you never imagine hitting,” said Sakic, who won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche. “I’ve never even been close before. If you’re going to do it, why not here?”

Take a look.

The best part is his reaction, which starts off as literally nothing and devolves (evolves?) into high-fives and a Cal Ripken Jr. victory lap. I like to think my reaction would be similar, except with more fist pumping and me yelling “BOOM”.

[h/t Devil Ball Golf]

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