Here’s An Old Video Of Wisconsin QB Joel Stave Singing ‘Drops Of Jupiter’

It’s halftime of Wisconsin’s game against Alabama. It’s been a pretty whatever game for the most part, so if you want some major excitement, look no further than this old video of Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave covering Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.”

If you’ve seen the video, then you know how great everything about it is, from Stave’s luscious hair to his really good singing and piano playing. If you’ve never seen it before, it features Wisconsin’s starting quarterback covering the song at an event back in 2012. Honestly, the context really isn’t all that important, because looking into the context takes away time that could be spent listening to a crowd clapping along while Joel Stave covers a Train song from 2001.

This video happened before Stave became a household name, when he went from starting for the Badgers, to getting benched due to a case of the yips, to regaining the starting job. No matter what Stave does in his football career from here on out, nothing will be better than this, and we are all in agreement that Stave needs to drop an album as soon as possible. Shouts to him for taking a kind of lame song and turning it into a certified banger.

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