Joey Barton Wasn’t Too Thrilled With David Beckham’s Super Bowl Ad

While it wasn’t as good as the Doritos commercial with the dog killing cats and bribing his owner, the H&M underwear commercial (after the jump, ladies) starring David Beckham caused quite the stir for its bulginess and rippling abs… or so I was told, because I was totally checking my phone or peeing or outside grilling steaks, bro. But it also caused at least one of Beckham’s rivals to lash out at him via the manliest way possible – Twitter.

According to the memo that my With Leather British news agency carrier pigeon just died on top of, Joey Barton, who plays for Queens Park Rangers, sounded off about his displeasure with Beckham during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Specifically, Barton gave Becks a jolly ol’ buggering over his tendency to endorse just about anything, as you can see above. But then he took the price of Becks’ knickers to task.

I’m not sure how cheeky that git really was, but then Barton made Lord Fannymore drop his monocle in shock with a hell of an accusation against Beckham.

Barton apparently has a hard time keeping his mouth shut on Twitter, as he was recently investigated over comments he made involving former England captain John Terry’s trial for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. But last time I checked, accusing a mega-gazillionaire of backing sweat shop labor won’t be the easiest way to keep your bum out of court.

Alas, Beckham’s people barely batted an eyelash.

But a spokesman for the LA Galaxy star insisted that the range was being stitched “under the strictest ethical guidelines”.

He also said anyone who accused Beckham of using child labour was a “madman” as the footballer was himself an ambassador for UNICEF. (Via Truth Dive)

Barton also ranted about Madonna’s halftime performance, and I enjoyed some of his Tweets until my peepers locked on to this one…

Fair enough, Mr. Barton. I wish you the best of luck in your next game for the German national team. OH WAIT.

*fires bottle rocket out of butt cheeks, high fives a bald eagle*