Watch Joey Votto Lose His Mind On An Umpire After An Ejection

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There were some unexpected fireworks during Wednesday’s Reds-Pirates game. Joey Votto received a series of questionably called strikes throughout the game. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Votto reached his boiling point when Pirates pitcher Tony Watson painted the outside corner on a 1-1 count. Umpire Bill Welke had called a strike against Votto for the final time.

The Reds slugger erupted after the called strike and slammed his helmet into the ground in disgust. He got uncomfortably close to the ump, but Welke did not blink. He just casually threw Votto out of the game, because arguing balls and strikes is not allowed, and throwing temper tantrums when your team is 30 games out of first place shouldn’t be allowed, either.

As for the actual ball game, the Pirates eked a 5-4 win over the Reds to go 83-55 on the season with a three-game lead in the NL Wild Card race. The Reds fell to 57-81 and should be going on vacation very soon.

(Vine via Ryan Thibs)