Relive Conor McGregor’s Knockout Of Jose Aldo In Claymation

Conor Mcgregor vs. Jose Aldo by @azxd #AndStill #mma #sports #boxing #wrestling #bjj #UFC

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If you’re a Conor McGregor fan, you’ve dyed cloud nine green and are floating on the foamy head of a Guinness. If you’re a Jose Aldo fan, you’re probably still wondering what happened, and how it could’ve happened. No one expected the stunning outcome of UFC 194’s featherweight title fight, but the cookie crumbled and now we’re here — still hyped up off the adrenaline and without any answers to the question of, “What’s next?” Luckily, can entertain us.

Of course, some were upset that the ridiculously-hyped UFC 194 main event was only 13 seconds long, but if the fight dragged out or even went to a decision, the turnaroud for the claymation replay would’ve taken much longer. There’s always a bright side, right?

So, whether you’re celebrating Mystic Mac’s win or still wallowing in sorrow over Jose’s fall from the throne, this claymation should at least bring some sort of smile to your face. The real question is: Did Conor McGregor predict that this claymation would happen? He’s predicted every knockout in his superlative UFC run thus far, and now he’s saying he’ll be moving up to lightweight to take that belt, too.

You know what that means – more McGregor, and more McGregor knockout claymations. Because that’s what our world is now. McGregor knockout claymations.