Jose Tabata Leaned Into Pitch To Ruin Perfect Game And Twitter Went Nuts

Who leans into a pitch when a guy is throwing a perfect game? Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Jose Tabata, that’s who. With two out in the ninth Tabata appeared to lean into Washington Nationals right hander Max Scherzer’s pitch, which effectively ruined Scherzer’s perfect game bid.

Despite the shenanigans, Scherzer still managed to pitch the second no-hitter in Nationals history. (Jordan Zimmermann threw a no hitter against the Miami Marlins last September.) Scherzer has proven to be worth the hefty investment the team made in him this past offseason. He entered Saturday’s game with a 1.81 earned run average, third lowest in the majors, along with 123 strikeouts and only fourteen walks. Scherzer improved to 8-5 on the season.

And that’s awesome, but back to the most important aspect of the game: Jose Tabata, you don’t lean into a pitch when a guy is pitching a perfect game.

Now Twitter would like to shame you.

Good day, sir!