Junior Galette Unleashes An Epic Twitter Rant After His Release From The Saints

New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Junior Galette was released from the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, and he seems to be taking it quite well. The Saints gave Galette a huge deal last offseason to be their premier pass rusher for a long time to come. The honeymoon ended early when repeated off-field incidents arose, including video of a domestic violence dispute from 2013.

Galette deleted his Twitter like a mature adult to refrain from saying anything he might regret about the situation. However, that maturity dissipated quickly when Galette used his girlfriend’s Twitter account to release all the skeletons from the Saints’ closet. He unleashed some vicious criticisms of his former teammates and especially his former head coach Sean Payton. Unfortunately, those tweets were deleted. But, fortunately for us, the Internet never forgets. TigersDroppings.com user ghost2most and Big Brod81 created a bullet point synopsis of everything Galette tweeted during his unforgettable rant.

Galette may be jeopardizing his standing with teams trying to sign him, but he threw out some serious allegations. With Bountygate lying in recent memory, the Saints will have to address the Payton allegations. Even if they’re unfounded, Galette may have damaged Payton’s reputation in the locker room. It only takes a small group of players to create dissension that permeates throughout the entire locker room. Galette highlighted some petty actions that Payton allegedly committed, which could sway the locker room towards defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Amidst the chaos of this rant, Galette announced that six teams reached out to him and will announce his decision tomorrow. This fleshed out rant may cost him a pretty penny.

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