The Kid Looking At His Phone During Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Now An Everlasting Meme


Over the years, the Super Bowl has become one of the premier producers of the meme. From the reactions of players to the final score of the game (the 28-3 jokes can finally end), and Left Sharks dancing out of sync, everything is fair game when it comes to the biggest TV event of the year.

But now…it’s the era of the Phone Kid.

Phone Kid, whose real name is Ryan McKenna, was spotted after taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake during his halftime performance, after which he followed up with an awkward few seconds of looking around, then finally decided to check his phone. What was he doing looking at his phone while an international superstar danced next to him and a hundred-million people watched on TV? We may never know.

So, the internet took their best guesses at what the young man was scrolling for as Minnesota shook under the bass of Timberlake’s band. The general answer? He had questions. A lot of questions about what was going on around him. You see, Phone Kid is just hungry for information, and in 2018 nothing is going to stop him from getting it. Not even JT and his gaggle of dancers.

He also really needs to check on his crypto holdings.